Flight Following Request to ATC Issue

Dear Infinite flight Moderators,

Today I was doing a short flight from (KLAX) - (KSFO) and I was in Los Angeles Center’s Frequency. I Checked in and then Requested Flight following to San Fransisco, but then the ATC replied Flight following not required after check in. I’ve been in other flights and ATC didn’t say anything about it and approved my request. The Question that I’m trying to ask is do you still request flight following to your destination after check in, do you just check in, or do you just request flight following when you join the Approach, Departure, or Center Frequency? Thank you for your time, and Keep up the excellent work you’ve done so far!

Typically, if you are on an IFR flight plan (filed way points) you only need to check in. Once ATC acknowledges that you are on their frequency, you can continue your flight as normal unless they issue you any additional instructions.

If you are flying VFR however, (see and avoid and navigating using visual references) you can simply request flight following.


First I would like to thank you for the Very Quick Response! I’m glad their was someone that was able to answer my Question explaining very Detailed. I will put your Information into use. Thank you for your time!

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