Flight Experience in Waterford, Ireland

Hey IFC, today I had my first Flight Experience flight in a not so little Cessna 172 with the registration of EI-EAZ. I flew with a very cool CFI called Dave and he gave me some pointer’s, let me fly the plane and gave me some back story about the black Cessna 172 that was park at the ramp.


Cruise Photo’s


I earlier mentioned a black Cessna 172 well Dave explained to me that the owner’s won the Lotto and they had a black car so they painted their airplane black

(image of the plane taken from the ifc Black Cessna 172 Livery (EI-GRX))

Thanks for looking at my post🙂(Funniest thing for me is that this is my first post in months)



Some amazing shots right there man, can’t wait to get flying again myself after seeing all these topics coming back toward the end of this pandemic.

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I was lucky that Waterford Aero Club let me have my experience flight the guy I flew with said they are completely booked out for the next 2 weeks

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Hope you enjoyed the introductory flight, the feeling of being in the air never gets old! ✈️ Can’t wait to get back up myself and continue with the PPL (broken hand so can’t fly :(

I’m late with my reply but I actually won a giveaway today for a summer camp at the NFC

That’s brilliant, you might see @Patrick_McCormack if ye are both going the same days 😆

I’m going on the 19th of September so who knows

Unfortunately not. I’ll be going this coming week. I’ll let you know how I find it though if I can!

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I need to email the NFC and be sure it’s all the way in september cause if it is then ill wont be able to go😳 Just because of school and the fact that im going in to 6th year

Edit: I’m going next week he accidentally wrote september

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