Flight Event @NZAA 032200ZAPR20

✔️🔴Flight Event Boeing 789&77W Air Newzealand🔴

  • Aircraft and Livery: b787-9, b777-300er ( Air Newzealand )

  • Route: Auckland (NZAA) to San Francisco (KSFO)

  • Time of Departure: 3rd April 2020 CET - 00:00,zulu time - 22:00 ,(pushback time +15mins)

  • Server: Training server

  • **Additional Information:**Flight Level:- FL380, vertical speed Vs 2000,15NM minimum airborne aircraft seperation and keep Takeoff distance (takeoff after Atc clearance), please follow ATC instructions ( if atc available), FL100 to FL200 =280knots ,+FL200 = 320knots, +FL280 = M.85 (maximum)

Main Rule:- Follow all ATC instructions

Hey there! Please follow the #live:groupflights format please!


Specifically the title!

Ok I’m in I guess!

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