Flight episode 1. New thing

Hello everyone I have tried a new thing on this forum. I have called it ‘flight episode’ however it’s not an episode. I don’t really know what to call it. If you have any suggestions I will be very grateful.

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard flight PK701 this will be a short evening hop to Amsterdam schiphol airport. Please sit in your seat as we prepare for pushback

We request to taxi and told to taxi to 09R.
Once at the point of holding short we do our final checks and continue lining up With the runway
Once lined up we are given the all clear
“cabin crew please be seated for takeoff”
Once reaching above 3000 feet we full up the flaps and retract the landing gear and turn towards our destination.
As we reach our cruiseing altitude of 18,000 feet drinks and snacks are served.
As the passengers get a power nap, we enter Amterdam airspace
We start our descent in to the big airport while in the cabin the flight attendants start their packing away and prapareing for the landing.
And then TOUCH DOWN As we exit the runway and begin our taxi to the gate the flight attendants to their welcome and thanks
“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Amterdam schiphol airport we hope you enjoyed the journey and look farward to seeing you again the temperature in 13 digress. Thank you.”
Parked up at the gate we complete the checklist of shutting down the engines and rasing the flaps ready for the next flight.

Guys I hope you enjoyed this little episode or whatever you wish to call it. If you enjoyed then please give some positivity in the comments. If you enjoy this I will be sure to do more. If you want me to do an certain aircraft with a certain route then please PM me or say it on the comments.

Thank you Janaid.


This seems like a good series. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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Nice. I think someone else used to do something like this but stopped.

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@Riley probably for a reason because when I fly I more or less do the exact same thing. This doesnt trigger people uknow

What do you mean trigger people? It’s was actually quite popular. I like this.

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Thank you. I will most likely be doing one tommrow. Any suggestions of routes I could do.

Haha. Alright as long as he has stopped and I am not copying someone then it’s fine.

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YSSY to anywhere.
Maybe on the 737-700?
Looking forward to tomorrow!


You forgot “Cabin crew, arm doors, cross check” before pushback and after engines start :-)

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Okay I will do that for you sir.

For sure I will do that in next episode. :) thanks for that.

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And maybe use a few more camera views. On takeoff, you could use the tail view like they show on some aircraft on the IFE screens. You could also use frames around the screenshots to make a window/IFE screen.

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I’m really enjoyed with this trip 😃

I enjoyed my holiday as well. Looking forward to one in Sydney tomorrow.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will use more camera veiws but not frames.

Thank you 😀

Travelskt used to write a flight report for people who booked a flight。

Sounds good.

Just bringing this back up if anyone would like me to do a certain route please do let me know.

Guess you mean TravelSky.
Don’t know who told you this, I am not aware of it.