Flight Envelope Protection

Most of us are aware of Airbus’ renowned computerized safety features designed to protect the aircraft from exceeding its structural and aerodynamic operating limits.

To add more realism to this great sim, it would be nice to have this implemented at some point to current (and future) Airbus aircraft. I got this idea from Episode 21: “Boeing vs Airbus” of Flight Cast where Aernout was describing how the Airbus wouldn’t let you raise the nose above 30 degrees or achieve a bank angle greater than 67 degrees. Currently in IF you are able to exceed those limits, so it would be nice if FEP were added.

Boeing also has a similar system on the 777 however, pilots are able to override it.


Let me know your thoughts.

  • Yes, I like the idea of Flight Envelope Protection being added.
  • No, I want full control of my Airbus.

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I wouldn’t mind some protection against extreme maneuvres. Does Boeing has that for the 777 only?

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I would assume its also on the 787 as well, but wikipedia only mentions the 777, so I’m not 100% sure.

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I hope this wasn’t forgotten ✌✈

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I guess I am the first vote for a long time. Would love to see Airbus’ flight envelope protections in action!

There goes the dust on this topic

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Voted GREAT idea

Geez Damian. Putting polls in feature requests. smh.