Flight Emergency Challenge

Is this ok? Didn’t quite know where to put it, as it isn’t actually an Event. This will be similar to the “Best IF Photos” thread, only this is for emergency landings. This challenge is at any airport, any location, and aircraft. Post your photos from your emergency landings here. Also, say a description of what the Emergency is. I recommend doing these in solo, so that you can take pictures from the replay. You can also post emergency fails.
P.S ONLY DO THIS IS SOLO. Do not do this is any Live server. Also, common sense. Don’t really attempt these. Just why would you.


Here is an example:
“MAYDAY, MAYDAY!” Winds of 25 kts to gusts of 35 kts, lose of all power. Declaring emergency landing"
This is my FAILED landing attempt.

Still doesn’t need the same topic.

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What?.. I don’t understand.

This is related to this one other topic that got closed for posting similar topic.

So this topic is unneeded.


What is the name of this topic? Nothing showed up when I looked for it.

Look up infinite flight crash investigation. A whole lot of this topics a while ago got closed. Mainly because threads like this promote bad flying


Oh. Um. Is a dev going to close this then? I kind of want to know.

I have found a topic related to this, but it’s kind of old…bumping it up will be a necropost.

But it’s more of an investigation thing, not a deliberate challenge. And it would also be strange to bump it.

Emergency landings are not supported.