Flight EGLL to KSLC


  • Delta 777-200:

  • EGLL to KSLC:

  • 4:30 GMT:


  • @danthemanmc617 and I will be heading to the great city of Salt Lake (and newest airport terminal In North America) for an overnight flight starting at 4:30 GMT. My apologies for posting on the incorrect page. My call sign is DL126 :

Hi, you posted at the right place, or rather page, but not at the right time. You see, here in groupflights we like our posts to be posted 3 hours before the flight or less, and it seems yours is in 8. No worries though, just repost it when it will be 1:30GMT or later. Also, seems like your title is a bit off, it should be
10JAN21 / 0430Z - *your title* @ EGLL to KSLC
If you’d like to know more about the rules of this category, you can always read the wise words of Misha The Camp

My apologies. I can post 3 hours before. First time posting about this topic.

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