Flight during Quarantine

The flight I did was taken around April which were it’s around lockdown (kinda) which I did a southwest flight to Ohio from north Florida with less passengers to get back


Boeing 737-700

Taken off from Orlando

Climbing into FL380 (Then to FL400 later)

Descending after 1:40 of flying

Flying towards final

-62fpm Landing so smooth that the passengers didn’t know were here (since they worked up)

Next topic tomorrow during a Turkmenistan-Iran flight

Anyway I kinda edited dark to feel empty as the pandemic starts on


Loved the first one 👍

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Thanks for loving that takeoff

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That second shot looks stunning! Great work!

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Thanks a lot for liking that shot!

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The Southwest heart livery is a classic! Love to see it in the skies! Great shots

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Same it’s one of my favorite new liverys

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