Flight Duration

Anyone know how long Shanghai to New york would be in infinite flight time

Hey there!

Infinite flight time is simulated exactly like real time so the flight time would be 13:30 ;)


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I’m noticing that you’re making these types of topics quite frequently. Infinite Flight flight-times are exactly like the times IRL, pending there were no delays.

Here are some good resources to take a look at to help you in the future:

  • FlightAware (https://flightaware.com): If you search between departing and arriving airports, it will tell you the flight time from every aircraft that has flown it, and predict the flight time for future flights that are scheduled, pending your flight is realistic.

  • FPLtoIF (Infinite Flight FPL Converter): This website, created by @Chris_S, helps pilots create flight plans from any flight in the world, realistic or not. It will also tell you how much time it will take to fly that route.

  • Google (https://www.google.com): You can simply search the flight here and it will show you options as well. It can even show you other websites that can help with this.

These are just a few tools, but pending you do the research, you should not have to worry about flight times anymore 🙂