Flight Disturbance on American Airlines

As much as I despise seeing news articles under the #real-world-aviation category, I figured that this one was one that should be brought to attention. In a brief summary, a 25 year old man from Turkey boarded a flight from Los Angeles, CA bound for Honolulu, HI on an A321 operated by American Airlines. Sometime during the flight, the individual mentioned in the article was reportedly trying to breach the cockpit door.

The thing that caught my attention even more was that the Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) scrambled their fighters to escort the aircraft. HIANG operates F22 stealth fighters for those who are not familiar. After living in Hawaii for more than 13 years about 3 years ago, seeing their F22’s was a pleasant sound and sight to see.


I like how the crew handled the situation without bringing panic to the other pax. Glad the situation ended peacefully.


So hopefully you won’t critisise others doing so as well 👍
Weird he was trying to get into the cockpit.


Any clues/motives behind the reason why he wanted to enter the cockpit? Kudos to the crew who has handled the situation calmly.

I do hope he wasn’t mentally ill at that time. Had the crew didn’t take action, an incident like above would happen again and I don’t want to see that.

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That flight was more violent as the ‘mad man’ accessed the cockpit of the 747, flew the 747 like an F16 then was subdued. But at this time there were too many injuries onboard. The flight landed safely at NBO where the injured folks were taken to the ER and the ‘mad man’ handed over to the authorities then taken to hospital as he sustained injuries during the struggle.


At least he couldn’t access the cockpit, if so, do you think he’d know where the joystick is on the A321? Happy this issue could be resolved with minor injury.

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Not going to contribute to your child play, but if you happened to notice, I added a personal anecdote along with it. Unlike some undisclosed names on this forum that just slap a few words and a link. Don’t get me started bud; I suggest you stop before you meet your match! 😉


The man was later proven to have a mental breakdown.

If you have any problems with what I said, PM me. Enough with the off topic discussion, you should know better as a regular. Not sure what the picture you included is supposed to mean, but as far as I’m concerned it’s off topic. Thanks. 😉


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