Flight Disconnected during Sub Renew

Hey guys. I’m mid-flight on my way to Ethiopia from Toronto with @ILOVE7879-2.0, and between the flight my subscription renewed and it said I got kicked for not having a sub. Is this normal and do I have to restart or is this something that can undo itself and I can get back to my groupflight?

unfortunately I believe this is normal because for the few seconds you do not have a subscription.

Does this mean I need to restart the entire flight?

Well if it already said that you have been kicked then yes if not just see if it lets you continue.

Alright. I restarted my flight. Here we go again.

Sorry about that it is really annoying it has happened to me once.

I just had to restart KMSP-HAAB from CYYR , so annoying, I feel you

Definitely an annoying one. Maybe if you want you can tag along with me and a friend and we can try getting there crash free hehe.