Flight Discipline; ATC Flight Following/Vector/ILS Approach Requests. WHY!

I monitor “Live ATC” & “Flight Aware’s” Radar Plots of the real world airways routinely when I have some down time. Rarely do I hear request for Following except by a light GA or a low hours Reginal in congested airspace around a Class “B”, once out of the space they use there eyeballs and skill (most of the time). Most Vector are requested cause they did’t file, there off the airways, deverted from their flight plan while eyeballing, lost, not IFR certified and gone IMC or are just lazy and want ATC to do the nav work. ILS Approache Requests & Approvals normally are xmitted in IMC only at the Majors. (Wanna Practice ILS Approaches, Go to a Reginal Airport with GCA. Stay away from a Class B’s for practice which include Touch & Go’s. Never need a Vector again, Always File don’t deviate, refine when necessary enroute if you change your mind or destination, always make your destination Code the last entry.) Let the ATC function the way it was designed; Safety of Flight First). You gotta fly IF for real! Start small, get the basics down out in the boondocks. Work your way up to the “B’s”, there not practice field there orderly Equipment & People movers just like the Interstate hiway system. Just having the numbers is not the only qualifier to sore with the Eagles. I assure you if everybody flys with “Discipline” in IF sky’s landing at a Controlled Airport will be a piece of cake for Pilot & Controller alike. Just Sayin, Max Sends


Great text! Humbly I will say that it is ALWAYS prudent to have a flight plan. You at the least you have a road map from point A to point B.
And if ATC sees a problem or needs the pilot make a change in order to keep the traffic flowing through smoothly, then we, as pilots need to follow the traffic Cop.
I always file a flight plan. It makes my job easier and ATC always sees the big picture. So thank you for posting this most important message. I also feel that ATC has our back. By seeing the big picture I have a sense of security knowing they can at any moment keep the sky’s safe. It takes 5 minutes to file a plan. To whomever reads this response, take it seriously. The ATC’s take their job very seriously and I give high accolades for all their time and hard work to keep our sky’s safe. And thank you maxmustang for posting this most important issue. My hope is that everyone listens and follows the instructions that you’ve provided.
Safe Flying!!


slightly confused, are you saying we shouldn’t request flight following or radar vectord? Just check in and request altitude change?

@Insertusernamehere MaxSez: Lets separate the men from the boys! “Following” is a VFR procedure, primarily utilizes when transiting controlled bzy airspace below 050. In my view Vectored are used by the few who can’t navigate, loose the bubble or are just lazy and need a guide dog, IF has modified FAA Following & Vectoring rules as a hand holding jester for the great unwashed who just wanna have fun and will never learn.