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I’ve been seeing some threads asking for instruments (3d party is available already-see @epaga s excellent stuff) as well as a “split LOC/GS button, smooth autopilot transitions and “navigation modes on HUD” I figured I’d post my first feature request since some of the stuff I’ve been seeing isn’t all necessarily exclusive of each other in theory of course. I tried to blend the ideas into one topic and while I always think the sky is the limit, I have NO idea how to code so color me a dreamer I guess.

The feature request is a
Flight Director with “armable” modes

(which I believe could assist with manual flying as well as Autopilot “smoothing”)

Mind you I’m trying to keep this idea as simple as possible for dev purposes should it happen. Again, the flight director cues could actually help smooth out the autopilot in a way where it would CAPTURE the current state (climb/descent/bank etc) before proceeding into it’s active mode so to speak

-As to the autopilot smoothing:
•First, if the pilot is following the flight director, the autopilot should engage without any dives, Climbs or other yanks and banks…

Upon autopilot engagement the F/D if NOT being followed would momentarily capture the current aircraft state in regards to V/S, lateral mode and ALT requested and then gently swing the aircraft into the commanded modes.
-the cue could be the FPV style or crossbar style-FPV probably being easier to achieve.

-On the ground, takeoff/runway mode would be armed once the engines are switched on or the aircraft enters the runway.

-You’d get a lateral command based on runway heading or selected autopilot heading as well as a pitch command for takeoff-perhaps having per aircraft pitch indicia as well to avoid tail strikes say 15* nose up for a general idea.

-Once you lift off, your set autopilot speed number (remember the AP is still OFF) would give you pitch for speed. A-la Airbus SRS and Boeing T/O modes. After hitting XXX’ AGL, the director would give you a pitch for vertical speed/maintain 250kt.

-The pitch for speed could be blended out after 400’ AGL to either work with one of the 3rd Party VNAV apps (which I’m sure will be more mature by the time this happens if ever) or go into the current vertical speed or gently into a pilot selected vertical speed.

-NAV or HDG could be PRE ARMED to kick in once you hit 400’ AGL and would kick in lateral guidance based on your FPL.

-On landing, once the ILS approach is selected (say for instance *ILS25L KLAX)
you’d receive lateral guidance for the localizer separately from the glideslope UNTIL the glideslope is captured or one dot below, then you’ll get your vertical guidance as well. (This goes to the split LOC/GS button feature request)

-I’m not sure how the autothrust would work with this but it sure would be interesting to see if we could get T/O, CLIMB and CRUISE modes based on the flight director-but that’s for another day.

Below are some pics of Boeing and Airbus takeoff modes where the flight director commands pitch up and runway track etc as well as NAV and ALT capture along with a link to Airbus FMA modes (which basically tell the flight director where to direct as it were)

Airbus FMA examples

Boeing FMA/Flight Director on takeoff

Boeing Flight Director with LOC/GS “armed”

Airbus Flight Director/FMA Capturing NAV


I’m not real sure about formatting and such and I’d like to link back to a few threads which I’ll attempt to do but forgive me if it takes a minute.

Would love to hear thoughts on this topic. Clearly it would work for any A/P in any plane. Perhaps it could even help with refueling?

Somewhat related to these topics:

Surprised this has no messages, but I will bump it. This would be amazing to have, especially with the addition of working instruments, for two main reasons: 1, it would make for stabilized and correct approaches, not having to pitch up and down/speed up and slow down to maintain an approximate vertical speed and localizer alignment and whatnot. 2, it would help determine where exactly your artificial horizon is supposed to be, as the instruments are significantly harder to read than a HUD for obvious reasons (although that is less important).

The other things that were listed would be awesome as well, but IF as a simulator is not to that level of realism/procedure-following and I think it would be a bit much and not really have a place. This definitely would have my vote if I could find something to clear…


The A10 has a flight director for the ILS so there that!

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Not exactly though. It’s just an older version of the localizer and glidealope. Instead of telling you where to position your plane, it just tells you what you need to change, if that makes sense

I know, BUT, _since they can obviously link lateral and vertical data to that then it’s a string the devs may be able to pull for VNAV/SRS/Takeoff modes etc while also keeping Nav data or heading info set on a crossbar flight director

Why is this Airbus pitching at 25 degrees at 145kts at 340 feet?

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If you look at the top left, it says “MAN TOGA” so this is a full power take off with a very light or empty aircraft


I’d love to see this! With live instruments hopefully we’ll be getting updates with it to past aircraft.

Great job dev team!


Is 100% correct in this situation. I’ll see if I can find the video it was in-but it was an A320 lightly loaded on a TOGA takeoff


@airjonathan1 @Latvia here’s the video I sourced the pic from:

Airbus A320 TOGA takeoff, cockpit (PFD) View - YouTube

This is exactly what I’d like to see (at least part of it anyhow)

“Takeoff mode” would be set takeoff thrust, then the flight director gives us pitch for speed until above the thrust reduction/acceleration height-then pitch for speed to 250 and runway heading laterally to 400’ before engaging in NAV

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Seeing that this topic has a healthy amount of votes, I thought that reviving it would be the best option. With VNAV now confirmed, this feature can become more and more possible in infinite flight especially with the airliners with functional cockpits (A320/350/777)


I’m still wondering why this topic has been abandoned. It is still as relevant as it is especially in the latest development of VNAV.

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It is indeed relevant. Other mobile sims have them and they work fairly well.

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I also re-voted for this as it had died and I applied the vote elsewhere. Hopefully it’ll gain some traction

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I just realized this existed and furthermore realized how HELPFUL this would be with the advent of working instruments. Without FD’s we’re essentially doing raw data ILS flying (which is fun) but a flight director never hurts. Voted.


I’m surprised this has so few votes it’s definitely needed. Voted

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Ok now we really need this. With the advent of VNAV as well as LNAV having always existed, the existence of an FD would allow for instrument flying to become more realistic as well as more precise, especially at night. The FD is an important instrument and I believe that it can be added by the devs if they really wanted, and it SHOULD be added for enhanced realism and will complement working instruments quite nicely, bump.


Yeah I agree. I would love to see the F/D

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I need to vote, now as my 737 has live cockpit it need this ♥️

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Exactly, now that we have working instruments we need a working FD.