Flight Dev. Studio VA

Maybe you forgot it but. FDS-VA will never forget this awesome plane and livery. Join here: https://www.powr.io/plugins/form-builder/view/6583572?mode=page

FDS-VA flying in group and events taken to another level. Join here: https://www.powr.io/plugins/form-builder/view/6583572?mode=page


I like the new livery best.

Old colors are far too tame.

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I like he old ones but same as you prefer the new one

How many pilots

Currently 8 active out of 10

What are the requirements to join the IF WC

You need 2 active pilots by FEB. Look on the main post here…

The old livery = FDS Livery
The new livery = Infinite Flight Livery

See the difference.


Good Luck from Boeing VA

Time out…did you talk to Devs about doing this? I tried starting it and was told I couldn’t because Laura was gonna create one down the line.


There used to be a similar one but it didn’t go too well.

After speaking with Carson, Swang and a few others, this is what I was told.

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I’d like to request 50% of all flight revenue from your airline since I made the liveries 😊


@Abdoul_Sene Maybe I am foolish but can you please explain me the Clue of your VA?
What makes it special? Do you have Any routes, ranks or a Website?

Hello lars we are currently making new routes. Here are our ranks

Junior Flight Officer
Flight Officer
First Officer
Senior Captain
Commercial First Officer
Commercial Captain
Commercial Senior Captain
Commercial Commander
Commercial Senior Commander
ATP First Officer
ATP Captain
ATP Senior Captain
ATP Commander
ATP Senior Commander
You are promoted based on your activity and your grade + number of XP
The thing is that we will start organising our weekly events once the routes are done. There is a problem publishing the website but we’ve emailed WIX. It’s more detailed there

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Lol. Did you?

Thanks a lot for this explanation

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You guys wanted more info here they are