Flight description + callsign

Hey everyone this is not a poll or vote to have in infinite flight but I was wondering if you guys think it would be cool to have first, a flight description for ATC to read so they know where you’ve come from etc and what your flying to accomplish. And second if they should add the callsign as for ATC to see to be for example QF209 etc…

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ATC can already see both of those things? :)


I was meaning like having call signs like QF209 instead of Qantas 209 and for the description I meant like what flight type it is for example if I’m flying the Hifly Malta A330 Neo I can put in the description it’s a cargo flight. This could be useful for places like LAX so ATC can make me exit left instead of right if you get what I mean

That’s not the callsign but the the IATA code and not what ATC would be using, so it’s rather pointless to be honest.

I’m not 100% how this is done in real life. But given that we have a real life controller in the team, our ATC verbiage and features are quite close to what’s there in real life within what the app can do :)

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You are thinking of the flight number 😉 This is different than the callsign which uses full words such as Qantas 209

I kind of get where you are coming from here, but letting them know that you are a cargo flight is not the answer. Act should not be directing you to exit left if there is an option to go right, so this is manly a controller error.

As I was saying aswell I’m not saying they should add this I’m saying it would be a cool feature but I like how IF is now and I am IFATC so that’s what sparked the idwa

Im confused about what the feature you are suggesting is. Also if you are suggesting a feature it should go in #features

As I said I’m not suggesting snything

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