Flight descent

Hello there, I wanted to ask what happens when I am not there during a flight descent phase when it’s on A/P. Happened with me I was having my dinner and my phone was upstairs and the flight started to descend and my speed was mach 0.84 (777-300ER) and I noticed that plane just makes circles at 10020 ft. unless the speed is below 260 knots below 10000 ft !! Is this a feature ?

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Hello. This happens if you are going too fast for a sharp turn (base, final), so the plane can’t make the turn and keeps going around and trying the turn again. This results in circles.


Ohh !! Thanks for replying…but there was no sharp turn in my flight plan…my plane just deviated from its route and started making circles and a speed warning came up…I think that planes makes circles and stay on altitude unless speed is below 260 KTS below 10,000


This can’t be right because one time I did a flight from KLAX-KATL and I had Vnav on and it descended normally and I was on the decent phase but was sleeping so it was below 10000 with a speed above 260kts and got a level 3 violation.

Happened to me today, 777-300ER KSFO-KBOI.
After contacting FIR permission to descend fl31 to fl21 I set ALT 21000ft V/S 700…


…but the plane just keeps descending way passed 21000ft until it almost reached the 10000ft mark at 320kts so I had to regain manual control and re-do the A/P.

An interesting note though, I had internet problem and was offline for a while during the incident, could this be related?

Also experienced plane going in circles not following a straight waypoint awhile back but that was on a 737.

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Yes…same thing with my 777-300ER WIII->JEDDAH my plane was circling at 10,020 feet as it was above 260 KNOTS

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