Flight Delayed! | WSSS - NZAA | Singapore Airlines

The flight everything was normal until during the descent to Auckland it did not go as expected. βŒ›πŸ›¬

Flight Information"

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery: Singapore Airlines
Route: Singapore - Auckland
Flight: Singapore 285 Heavy
Real Flight Time: 08:47 + Delayed Time: 02:35
Total: 12:52

  1. Pushback in WSSS.

  1. Taxiing to Runway 02C.

  1. Take Off, Departing east.

  1. 37,000 Feet High Flight off the coast of Australia.

  1. Until the descent from the Central Tower we had to make waiting patterns as did other pilots. The wait lasted 50 minutes.

  1. After the 50-minute pattern we descended normally and met the LATAM Boeing 787 from Sydney.

    The tower requested me to land on runway 05R until I crossed with the Singapore Airbus A380 that was already about to take off but had to turn around, until I had to GO-AROUND and request landing again.

  1. I turned around and waited while the other pilots landed in a tremendous line and I was able to land.

  1. Taxiing to parking.

  1. Already parked, with fuel at 7% I really enjoyed the flight and the event.

Thanks for watching!


I can see me !

I saw you went around due to the A380 still on the runway.

I was the A320 infront of the Fedex 777.


Can’t wait to get on expert server soon and join these busy events! Even with the delay, seems like a lot of fun with the controlled chaos happening due to the traffic. Glad you were able to make it safely without running completely out of fuel!


You will always be able to join! Its a great server, you can meet great people! Keep on pushing to get to the expert server! We are cheering you on!


Just have 1 more hour for flight time and 10k XP and then I’m in!


Ayy I did that flight yesterday - Absolute chaos. Hats off to @NJ24 who was handling the approach alone at some point!

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