Flight deck lighting issues

Hi, I’m having issues with the Dash 8 and 787 where in the daytime, the flight deck lights go on weirdly, Any help plz?

Hello! Can you elaborate the issue please?

Hi! Do you mean take a Screenshot?

Yes please, you can also send a replay with sharewithinfiniteflight.com

I’ll see if I can do one

On the 787-9

I’ll get a replay

It won’t let me do the replay but, When I switch to Night the lights go on, but then when I switch to day the lights stay on and they are supposed to be off

I don’t see any problem in this, we don’t have live cockpits (except for the A-10). That might be the reason…

image image Dash 8 has the problems too, A319 is totally fine

The A319 is (recently) reworked and the Dash not.

It’s just cause your in the shadow. The lights of my DC 10 are on right now, as they would be in real life bc there computer screens

Alright then, Cheers

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