Flight deck and cockpit night lighting

Since I’m new to IF, is there a list of AC
with cockpit night lighting textures/effect ?

Or it would save time if someone who might know
who has been around the sim awhile and could share
that. I’d appreciate the info.

thanks Captdoug56

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Hey so almost all of the aircraft have panels that light up at night. I dont know if you mean actual light that turn on in the cockpit because we dont have those yet but also here are a couple of those Topics that you can vote for and maybe soon we can have those


I don’t believe any planes have night lighting in the cockpit. In real life it isn’t used while in the air so the pilots are adjusted to the outside lighting. There are only small lights irl to see charts etc


I’m not referring to cockpit flood lighting or flight deck ambient lighting I’m referring to instrument lighting
like the textures in the IF Airbus A320/A321 and the
CRJ series…

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Thanks Trevor for your fast response
I’m referring to instrument lighting textures

in the sim. I did not articulate that point well. I don’t mean floodlighting.

I have found instrument lighting in the A318/319/320/321 series and the CRJ’s

I’ll have to look at the many others

thanks Doug


Oh alright… almost all of the new aircraft will have that then like you said the Crjs,Airbus A320 Family.

The MD-11 Family and the DC-10 Family will also have it. I dont really know about older aircraft as much though you may just have to look and see

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Ahh. I don’t really like night flying so not the most knowledgeable but I believe none of the Boeing’s have it


thanks Bejwri
all commercial aircraft and GA AC have instrument
lights and cockpit lighting, whether its small focused
map lights or more general floodlighting or both.

I meant in the sim…i went through each IF AC type
and loaded them at night…about 75% have instrument
lighting textures. However 2 planes that don’t I found
are the triple 7’s and the A380. That’s disappointing
considering these are global long haul aircraft

I’ve been flying and in aviation for over 30 years now
so I’m aware of AC night lights but wasn’t familiar
with IF


Hi Trevor

ok i loaded most of the AC by series type

and some individually in the sim in the night setting …about 75% have instrument

night effects textures and the rest don’t.

I was surprised to find the triple 777’s and the A380 to be back holes lol.

(considering their real life operations primarily are long haul ) . Perhaps they are from the original sim days ?

thanks Doug


Yes the A380 and 777 are older models so don’t have all of the features. Back then they focused on the flight models rather than the cockpit models.

To best of my knowledge the following have instruments that light up at night:

A320 family
B737-7 (BBJ only…not 100% sure there, but def not B738 which I do fly often!)
B787 Family
CRJ family

A few to get on with! As new aircraft are developed / older aircraft reworked then light instruments is one of the many features.

However taxi lighting on the ground is needed as well to get the full night flight experience. It’s on the to-do list!

Thanks David
You can add a few more to that current list !
I spent some time loading the entire IF hanger into a night startup lol… The Dash 8 and Citation X are also in the club. I’m new to this sim and late to the party but am very very impressed by it.

I agree taxiway lighting is paramount for night sim operations and when you achieve that it will 2 fold the IF world as it exists currently ! Looking forward to it.
I hope the A380, Triple 7 and 747-400/800 series can
be brought up to the level of a few of your newer AC
with full features. This with lighted taxiways will add the global long haul dimension. Looks like you are half the way there now

Thanks to the team for this great product !
Cheers Doug

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Welcome aboard Doug!

Yes the Developers are working on these and many other improvements. It has come so far in the 4 years that I have been using it!

Happy landings


Thanks David
Yes its an impressive simulator ! Very happy to have found it…a little late lol
cheers Doug

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