Flight data reset without need of ending flight

Hello guys!
I’ve searched but didn’t find an open feature request for this one.

I wonder if you guys would like to have a feature that allow us to reset following things without ending flight (to stay always on gate)

  • flight time
  • distance earned
  • LiveFlight Flight trail
    etc etc
    Like if we started a new flight without the need to disappear off the server (and just going quickly looking the gate you were to respawn st the same gate without fear of seeing another plane on it).

It’s not an important need but it may look necessary to some pilots there? Let’s vote !

I accidentally stumbled upon this, if you move your fuel from what fuel you had to 0, it resets the fuel used.

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Thanks, removing from list

This would be awesome! I often do flights from the airport I last landed at and I normally do 3 flights in one go, and since I want my trail on LiveFlight to disappear and my flight time to reset, I need to exit the server. This would be really useful! Lemme find a vote!

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That is exactly the sense of my request

Isn’t there a contradiction in this request?
A flight data reset would reset everything to 0, wouldn’t it? How would IF remember where you are on the globe after you reset everything to 0?

What exactly is a flight data reset in your view?

Resetting LiveFlight path
Flight time, and just look like if you just spawned. Just register flight in logbook and then make a new flight without exiting flight.

I don’t see any benefits from this feature. If you want everything to be set to zero (reset), why don’t you just exit the flight and start a new one straight away? I feel it’s such a minor inconvenience, there is no need to create an entire feature which allows you to reset everything to zero. If it was a button, it would only save one tap. (Exit Flight → Are you sure? → Start Flight in comparison to Pause → Reset Flight Data).

Also, there is an option “set start airport” (or something along those lines) which allows you to start from an airport you have landed at. Isn’t this a part of what you’re requesting?

I understand what you mean. If I wasn’t enough understandeable: end your flight without having to exit and disappear from other peoples, * make « flight time », « Distance flown » and all others things set to 0 like if you just spawned for the first time at the airport.

Yes. It’s a minor feature request, but as you can see, another pilot wrote in this topic and say how it could me benefit to some peoples. It’s s feature you are free to not use if you don’t need or don’t like, Nevermind it could be useful for some people as @BennyBoy_Alpha and i stated above

Thanks for your subjective review :)

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