Flight data report not appearing, stats not updating?

I just did around 10-15 touch and goes today at KEDW, yet when I ended the flight, the flight data report (the thing that shows how long you flew for, and how much XP you got) did not appear. My stats also did not update. Can someone please help?

I do touch and goes at about a 1 minute interval, and it’s been about 15 minutes since I did the touch and goes, yet my stats are still frozen. I’ve tried restarting the game, and my stats are still the same.

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Did you do these touch and gos on solo or on an online server?

Online server

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Hmmm…that is odd…because usually the way you explained it means that one did those landings on solo.

Restart your device and see if the landings appear in your stats.

Nope, my stats are still the same as before. My landings are still not appearing.


Sorry to hear that you have an issue with your stats. Here’s what you can do:
★ Do a short flight of around 5-10mins (doesn’t have to be a full flight) and then when you end flight, your stats would be fixed and updated.

Let me know if this works!


I ended the flight, and I did get my flight data report. However, my 15 landings did not appear. I’ll experiment a bit to see if the landings register from now on.


Alright, it worked, my landings have registered and my stats were updated! Thanks for your help!


Glad to know it helped! Cheers! :)