Flight crashes while everything is normal

This is getting annoying as it’s an issue that’s happened to be before. So here’s the issue. I leave my device once I reach cruise and trust me, everything is normal, weight fpl connection,etc… Now when I come back to my device I find to see my flight ditched into the ground and I have some beautiful violations from it. The first time this happened, I Dmed Seb and apparently my AP randomly went off which is definately not due to anything I did. If I were to infer, I think the AP went off randomly when everything is running smoothly. I seriously don’t know why this is happening and it’s all it does it end my flight and gives me vios.

Aircraft B739
Cruise M.78
Cruise ALT 350
Fuel 1hr 20 min extra
Weight MLW- Normal weight
Winds, light tailwind

As you can see the flight at the top is this incident.

I’d like to have a answer on how the cause of the issue is happening and my vios removed by staff possibly because the cause of the crash is not me and the weekend is here and I’d really not want to be stuck on casual.


It is not the best to leave your flight unattended, you took the risk of violations that will happen. Sometime, it may be extreme turbulence or 747-8. We cannot remove your violations.


Hey there. Did you fpl have any sharp turns, because once the autopilot was on a turn and it disengaged itself because of the angle it was turning.

Before people jump into speculations and begin suggesting things you should and should not do during a flight or that you can’t have your vios removed since it’s his own fault, etc, etc…, I’d say, let’s leave this case up to the Mods or Staff to take a look at. They should be able to find the cause behind this incident. The core reason as to what really happened.


I’m completely fine doing that and many others are as well. 99% of my unattended flights run completely smoothly. And no, it was not turbulence all conditions were great.

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No fpls I use are never like that

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Although, a very little chances that you will get violations even we don’t know what cause it. We cannot not remove your violations with no prove. If you leave it and you get violations, but you don’t know what caused then there is no way to remove your violation.

That’s not what I’m really asking for, only thing I really want to know is what the cause is. You already mentioned vios can’t be removed unless the cause is found which is an appropriate cause for vio removal.
No need to restate that and I already know about that


The autopilot doesn’t bank itself too much, it just doesn’t happen. In fact, I think it is a bit conservative with its bank angle.

It does occasionally, as I have learned from experience

Feel your pain - this used to happen to me lots, but in recent months it seems to have gone away a little. However, I do have to wonder whether it was down to me making a slight mistake with the programming or something so am always too scared to complain!

What device are you using?

Air 2, not a factor as I’ve done over 1000 successful flights just like this on it

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That’s fair enough, just checking as I’ve had issues of my own with a device.

Weather may of been a factor turning your AP off. You may of gone through some pretty gnarly weather. I check weather before a flight.

I already mentioned that the weather was fair.
I check it all the time so my fpl is ok

I do super long flights, before I go to bed I take off and when I reach cruise I sleep, wake up go to school, come back home and land, doing these 18h+ flights, not once i have ever come back too seeing that my plane has crashed
so there must be something your doing wrong, btw always do unatended flights on casual so violations won’t be a problem.

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Trust me there is nothing that I’m doing wrong. I’m a very experienced pilot and I know what’s going on and what I’m doing. And no I never fly on casual as most of my flights are VA flights so I fly on Expert. No need to always fly casual imo. Out of at least 1000+ flights, this event only occurred twice.

Yeah That happened to me once.I was doing long haul KJFK to EGLL and halfway into the flight it crashed.

Take a look here, this might be a hint.