Flight crashes right after takeoff when flying with friends

Hi, it’s my first time creating a topic since I’m new to the community, so apologies if I do anything wrong. Recently I’ve been experiencing crashes right after takeoff. I have my graphics and my performance settings all the way down, but it still happens. I have a 2-3-year-old iPhone 7, so I don’t think it’s performance is too bad. I think it’s also very important to note that this only happens when I’m flying with my friend. It has never happened when I’m doing an online flight by myself. I heavily doubt it’s a coincidence, but it could be. Thanks

Do you have “Airplane count” in very high? Try turning it down. Is it just one friend or multiple?

just one friend. ill check my settings, thanks

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Might not work with only one aircraft. You can try it, but ut is strange.

It might be a calibration issue. Try calibrating right before takeoff. If that doesn’t work it is probably the game crashing.

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Try rebooting/restarting the device.

It should work.

Before your flight, make sure you reboot and clear anything running in the background. Also lower your airplane count. 2-3 may sound young but in device years that could be pretty old.

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