Flight crashes on final

I dont know if i am ghosted but i was on final of my 5 hour flight and if stopped and i restarted the app and i was grade 1 i want my flight time back

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First, provide a screen shot of your user stats screen please. Do you recall what the message said when you received the ghost or violations?

Second, ghosting shouldn’t cause your app to stop and restart.

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And my logbook says nothing

It’s because you have too many violations. Quite probably over speeding

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And then it does not log the flight?

Well, the flight wasn’t completed was it? So no…

You received 6 violations the past 24 hours and an additional one in the past 7 days. You will need to wait before the grade is restored.

Unfortunately flght time cannot be recovered from an app crash. It happens from time to time.

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I believe it’s saved every few mins

I thought the same so

Yeah it should be saved incrementally as you fly. Other then that an app crash can happen.