Flight crashed on short final

I’d just like to apologise to ATC at CYCC my game just crashed as I was on short final I was BAVA203 😖 Landing is the best part more so when there is ATC so disappointed my apologies 😬


No problem! We’ve all cri- uhh experienced this before, sucks when it happens.


I could’ve cried lol i was literally making final adjustments to line up with the centre line and it just went off 😖

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Allright it happens to all of us.

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lol just a few moments ago i realized i hadnt intercepted the ILS properly at CYYC (bc of traffic) and was heading for touchdown 3 nm southeast of RWY29…

Yes I was flying a CRJ

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Ohhhh lmao

It got flagged because it was inappropriate 😒😒🙄🙄

I know the feeling,I remeber at a Dubai Fly Out (I was flying in from KLAX) I was reverse thrusting when ATC Contacted me to expedite and my game crashed

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that’s just poor ATC-ing then

@Suhas, are you IFATC, because i think i have seen an air traffic controller named ‘IFAE suhas’.

Lol CRJ’s are really hard to fly.


yeah, that’s me


IF only seems to be getting worse and worse…

(With lag)

It happens to the best of us. If you were flying for a virtual airline, send a message to the CEO, chief pilot, routes manager, or whoever deals with validating flights, messaged them to see what they can do if you were flying for a virtual airline

We’re you the controller on my session or are you answering someone else’s question lol?

No, just answering someone else’s question

I’m confused too, don’t worry

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Ohh it was approved the organiser saw it happen so luckily their was no dispute over if I really flew it as he was part of the flight it was a VA event so luckily my pirep was still approved I just wanted to apologise to the controller because it messes up their sequence lol.

Glad it’s not only me then 😂😂

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Same here!!! 2 days in a row now landing at KORD on Expert Server.