Flight crash 2 times lol

Im Nicholas Jovian, flight Red Cap 168 today… from Hanoi-Shanghai, my phone is samsung A72 ram 8gb and storage 256gb, 67 gb used. I do this flight for two times and crash for no reason at all… I already clear cache and make my phone not heavy at all! Also I didn’t make my phone work so hard, the crash location 190nm again from Shanghai, i got tailwind for like 120 kts in flight lvl 390. Please fix this… I didn’t know why this can happened, i need to finish this flight before tommorow. Before flight I also do New york-Jakarta flight using a350 asiana airlines and crash also, until i need to clear data my phone all, And my last question why my infinite flight home page do always look like this. I need to reset again until looks normal.

before home page pic looks like

after look, bcz i restart again

Hey mate,

Just checking a couple of things. I know you have mentioned clearing your scenery cache already. Have you tried lowering your graphic settings to minimise the strain put on your device?

Also make sure you aren’t opening any additional apps whilst flying that would cause Infinite Flight to run in the background as the app will force close if ran in the background whilst using another app on the same device.

Also I recommend taking a look through this guide for performance linked below:

Take care mate!


General → Language English
interface timeout, never
hide status bar, uncheck
enable automatic low power, check

Graphic → render quality, low
3d object → medium
rendering resolution, low
texture quality, low
frame rate, 30fps
anti aliasing, off

is it still crashing with these settings?

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