Flight counter up grade

As of now when you start a select a airport and spawn in it counts as a flight. I often would spawn in a leave bc I forgot something or airports glitch. Or I plane spot. This really racks up on you flights to landing valriable. So what I’m thinking is that only when your main gear get off the ground it counts as a flight. My landing to flight raitonis like 1000 something to 500 not very good. Most is just plane spotting. It would be more like 650-500 if it was only when you main gear can of.

Why this is use full.

Some virtual airlines require landing to flight A certain landing to flight ratio. Some people may not have this ratio because they do the same thing that I do. But with this implemented most people won’t have that worry.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what you are referring to violations to landings ratio, which is another thing. Can’t find any place where there there would be flight to landings ratio

No also landing to flights as well. Maybe not the IFARB idk but the smaller unofficial ones

You’re saying as if flights where you don’t leave the ground (which are annoying to see in logbook, I agree there) are impacting the landing to flights ratio, which i can’t find anywhere in account statistics

Wdym. I don’t understand what you mean. I’m saying that when ever you spawn in it counts as a flight even to you didn’t take flight. Some peole can bully you and say you have a really bad flight to landing Ratio

Oh wait. That’s gone with 20.2 nvm

Again, i don’t really understand how can they get the statistics for flights to them calculate the flights to landings ratio. Can you show the part of the interface where it is visible?

Thai was back in 20.1 I’m a look for a old picture to show you

Yeah the flight/landings ratio is enforced by IFAE. Is that what you are referring to?

This was back in the old days but it’s gone now. Also this is a old picture don’t judge me lol. A very old one dang I’m looking at it now

Yes indeed

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