Flight count &landing been resolved

Has the issue been resolved yet foe when you flight it counts your time and counts your landing. As I want to start getting my grade back up and don’t see the point doing flights if it’s not going to do this and going to waste my time on it ?

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Hello! Are you flying online or solo?

After the update was released I reported it and they said there was a issue but have not seen if the problem been resolved yet.

They down graded me from 3 to 1 so I started doing flight and landing to get them up and my flight time never recorded and either my landings

Hi Wayne!

The flight time, XP and landing are being recorded, don’t worry. However, it won’t show until after you finished your flight. In some cases, you have to do another short flight on any server in order for your stats to update. Could you try that please? Take a screenshot of your grade table before the first flight so you can compare it to the new grade table later!

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Hello @Wayne_Kennedy - looking at your account, there’s not been any flights since October 26th.
Are you sure you’re flying Online and not Solo? If you indeed are on Solo, are you seeing any error indicators such as a red exclamation mark in the top right?

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Yes definitely was online and that would be correct last time I was flying.
Tried to fly at time on training serve but had to move to casual serve as I was put down to graded one.
I was on for a short time as not been on for a while as been away with work.
Did some touch and goes at Aberdeen Dyce airport 5 landing and parked plane and ended my flight. Logged out and in again and seen times never recorded.

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Can you spawn in on Casual, check if there’s any errors and if there isn’t… do a landing or two. Just so we get something to look at.

We don’t have any ongoing statistics issues right now, so this is something that is only affecting you at the moment.

Ok will go try again some landings again.
This person closed out the ticket 5 days ago when I reported.

5 days ago, there were issues. So that’s why :)

Right so the photo I took was with my iPhone and it says on there 0 time and landings.
Just went onto iPad and recorded times are there now.
I come only apologies for this and sorry for wasting you time.

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No worries!

Just let us know if there’s any additional issues.