Flight Controls

Haha, is that a Boeing? Also yeah I understand that, I respect pilots with my life. The job they are doing is… Outstanding. Pilots are the most trustable people on our planet. Just sayin.

Haha and if they aren’t they shouldn’t be pilots XD

Ohhh its a Boeing alright. B737-700 to be slightly specific haha. Sorry can’t give airline. Classified intel. Boom. I also like the Airbus 320 classics and know the systems well but never touched a side stick! Thank you for your compliments. You’re absolutely right. Flying is the best thing in the world and for me it started at 3 years old.

Have logged any hours or your going to start training ? Do it! Never give up …I almost did because I have always been rather low on fuel flow…if you know what I mean🤪

And sorry but this sim is just fine for fooling around. I like it. But I have a hard time flying 737 on a 5 inch touch screen…the roll issue is maddening

Yeah I kinda knew it was a 737-700/800, that was the first plane to come in my mind however, <.< I didn’t wanna risk it and say it because… >.> many boeing cockpits look the same, like the 717 and 737 are quite similar in pictures such as that one… BUT! The A320 is also my fav (Hopefully I’ll get into SAS not Norwegian) as you can see in my profile pic I’m in a A320 Lufthansa in frankfurt. :)

-Whispers- Unfortunatley I don’t know what you mean by low fuel flow HOWEVER I WILL TAKE UR ADVICE AND FULLFILL MY DREAMS! <3

If you have discord add me and we can fly: Discord name: Conker - Chris#8729

You should say that while flying a 747’s maybe like a 777-200er and a a319 but with the 747 and getting a landing below negative 200fpm. Practially IMPOSSIBLE. I have a video I’d like you to see and you’ll understand.

Not all are 747 but you’ll notice which are and which aren’t. Enjoy my hardest landings aka my softest so faar int he 747-400/200.

717 is a very nice ride, but too bad about the Boeing And MD merged. I still prefer to call it MD-95. One dead vid away between 737 an 717, is you’ll notice the mid windscreen so 5 opposed to four. Overhead way different too…bahhhh you get it when u see it. Totally different type rating!

My fav. Is still the DC-10. Always loved it.


I’m still trying to figure out even using this sim so my response will be very slow… if you can believe it, I hate computers…mainly phones. Embarrassing. The FMS on the NG no problem. But on this… I get a bit hot under the collar. I’ll try sometime to show you what I mean with control issues. Today I made a nice climbing right turn to 090…then tried to correct course autopilot off…tilting stupid phone as far left as possible but nooo…it keeps rolling right. So today I flew the A321 Lufthansa made a easy turn on manual at proper airspeed …everything. The damn thing rolled over on its back /inverted and hit the water like Swissair 111.


Try calibrating keeping your phone steady. I’d recommend to keep it straight in front of your face, keep it flat and tilt it back ever so slighty, calibrate, bam best position. Try to scramble with the sensitivity as well if you’d like in solo.

Haha haha yes believe me I think I e tried everything. I keep it level and try to trim her out best I can. Holding phone straight but I guess the thing only likes right hand turns lol 😂

Sounds bad , but you’d laugh your ass off watching me moving the phone like I have epilepsy. My god that’s maddening

Tried the calibration too. All you’d hear is WTF is this F’n sink rate WTH!?


XD idk man

Hey, I wanted to show you a video of a flight, and the problem, but feel like I have mental issues figuring it out.

How do I record the bloody flight?


I think you need to download an app to record your screen but I’m not sure.

if you are on iPhone, swipe up, ensure you have an icon of a circle with a blob in it (you may need to go to Settings to get it added). Then press that button to start and stop recording what you are doing on your phone.

Hope it helps


Hi Steve.

Ok I’ll give that a go. I’m kind of useless with phones.

Thanks for the tip.

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