Flight Controls

Help please.
I have to use this on I phone 8… anyway I m having a serious issue with how sluggish roll /yaw are. Taxiing , and manual approach especially at callouts…, response input is so sluggish I have to go around many times. And yes I have sensitivity maxed out!

I am a pilot…and this is much more difficult! Haha.

Help please


This should be in #support.

Well he only joined 12 hours ago, I didn’t even know #support after three months of being in the community


Well now that I’ve commented above, it’ll be moved to #support by the moderators I would think. 🙂

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Maybe you could try and re-install Infinite Flight, a lot of the problems people ask about here are fixed that way. If that doesn’t work, I’m of no help sorry 😅

All chill about the category ( @Mavic @InfiniteFlightGuyYT ) I got it. Now lets help this guy


Now, you say you maxed out the sensitively, so the obvious solution is gone, have you had a problem with any other gyro controls? Ex: racing games or other flight sims? That would be a big help in determining if this is hardware or software

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Also, make sure that your device is properly calibrated. Hit that cal. Before you land and everytime you reposition your device.

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He’s having a problem, with sensitivity,not the calibration of the aircraft.

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Well as he said it’s also an issue with callouts being slow, so it’s not the sensitivity, it has to be the speed of the device. @YukonD I recommend that you try a reinstall and make sure nothing else is hogging your RAM, past that I have no idea :P

I’ll take a deeper look, thanks everyone

The roll is unbelievable, i cannot make a climbing roll, and to even roll I have to tilt the device a good 90 degrees.

And anyone know why there’s no WX? ( clouds) Weather options only allow winds, temps. Etc.

The developers would love to add features to the simulator like the ones you’ve listed. Those enhancements take time and diligence though. :)

Also, we might be able to better assist you here if you could post a video recording. There might be something that we could hone in on right away and help you. You can upload the video to YouTube and post the link here in this thread. Kind Regards, Levet

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Yup I had to max em out and calibrate

Ohh sorry one more very annoying issue.

Sometimes I have to pause flight… but after a short time it does not save it and it’s gone.

Can I save a flight and if yes, how?!

It is not possible to ‘save’ a flight, and I would recommend, when flying, to ensure that you do not have to back out of it, to prevent any mishaps happening.

Are you really a Pilot doe? Show me proof.

Really? Show me proof too then. Are you an armchair pilot?

I do not need to prove anything over a simulation which is definitely not flying is it. Could it be flying on a phone isn’t exactly simple?

Hell here… been at it a good long time now thanks.



I mean I was mostly joking, many IF players has aviation experience, that’s cool though! I’m taking my pilot education next year or in two years to become a commerical pilot for SAS or Norwegian which are the airlines I’d get assigned to after the education and some testflights with the actual airlines. :)))

Would you say its easier to fly IRL? I’ve never touched a yoke… Only sat beside one ;C

That’s ok. I took it as many people who want to be pilots but aren’t seem to have some jealousy issues or something. Once a guy tried me, so I asked him fine or coarse pitch q400 max. T/0…no response. Anyway That pic is old now. Haha.

To your question sorry I’ve only ever “”touched “” yokes haha. Yoke only!