Flight Controls Unresponsive

I was on final approach for runway 3R at LGAV in a 747-400, and when I disengaged the A/P, my flight controls were unresponsive. I calibrated immediately before disengaging A/P and while it was off.
Flight Info-
Display Name-Guxk
Device-Ipad mini 4 running the latest iOS and infinite flight versions
edit-have tried flying in solo, doesn’t work

I am going to say this without any hard facts but a good process would be to also clear scenary cache. And set trim appropriately.

Have you tried restarting thyour device

trim was set, will try to restart and clear scenery

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Besides that, I would have to also say without any hard facts that sometimes it happens, could be a one off thing.

Ok well hope that helps the problem

This did not resolve the issue, any other ideas? edit-have just realized that my rudder is missing from the screen, may be part of the problem

Hello! Since it looks like you already tried the suggestions above, could you try uninstalling the app and then reinstall and see if that works? This usually helps with the missing rudder issue that you are having. It should also fix the unresponsive controls. Please report back and let us know if you still have this issue after trying that. Thanks!

Edit: Solved in PM with user

A re-install did not fix the issue

issue has been resolved, if this happens to you just press restore defaults in the controls section of settings.