Flight controls not working in flight

Mayday mayday, nasa747 1 super can’t move flight controls

Currently flying over LAX, I have to turn but my flight controls won’t react.
I need help how to move thanks


Sorry to hear that your flight controls are not working as intended.

Are you using a Joystick by any chance?

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Nope, using tilt

This may sound stupid - but is the autopilot on?

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I turned the LNAV off, I look on my instruments to see the yoke symbol isn’t moving as it should

Hi, have you checked that your AP is off, and have you tried recalibrating?

You could use flight resume to restart the app, and resume your flight if the above are not the issue.

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You turned LNAV off - but is HDG mode enabled?

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Is your HDG still on?


thanks for the solution!

Small question: is it healthy for me to fly at FL420 at mach 0.90?

Er…no. You risk getting overspeed violations by cruising that fast.

747 cruise speed is around M0.85

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Ah alright, still thanks everyone!


No problem - glad we could help! Any other questions - feel free to message me :)

Have a great rest of your day!

Not really. You run the risk of violations, higher fuel burn , and reduced realism.

Resolved Happy flying!