Flight Controls Adjustments and Difficulties

Hello IFC,
(Please correct me if I have posted this under the wrong section)
I am wondering how to fine tune my controls during hand flown landings, especially with aircraft that doesn’t have APPR mode. Hand flown landings under unstable winds are definitely something challenging and I am looking to find a way to improve these kind of situations.
I have recently lowered my sensitivity under the control settings, however when I am able to make more fine adjustments hand flying, the auto pilot seems to have degraded as well. When I set a certain altitude, the aircraft will go way more than what it should be at and takes a long time to reach the desired cruising altitude. For example: FL360 set, the aircraft will get to FL363 before adjusting and returning to FL360.
I am here to look for some advice on how to fine tune my controls without loosing auto pilot’s accuracy and performance.
Anyone has any idea how to fix / improve this?


Any help from IFC?

Huh, I don’t have this issue.

What vertical speed are you setting to get to FL360? And are there any aircraft, specifically, that you have experienced this with more than others?


Seems like you might not be using a reasonable vertical speed


Or using the B777-300er or A321, which are known to have issues with their autopilots with over-correction, specifically when reaching cruise and at cruise.

Regarding the hand flown landings:

The key is to use only small control inputs and minor corrections during the approach phase (as always), as you otherwise end up everywhere except where you should be.

Also use crabbing/de-crabbing during techniques (e.g. during flare).

Lowering the control sensitivity isn’t really necessary in my opinion but probably shouldn’t influence the A/P nonetheless.


First I would really like to thank you guys for replying to my thread~

@Bryce_D My vertical speed is +1500 with the Boeing 747-400, that might be a factor?

@JulianB Yes, my aim is to lower the sensitivity to make these minor adjustments, and I am currently wondering if lowering the sensitivity has anything to do with it. I have no idea why the A/P is also affected, but this is what I have experienced.

Unfortunately due to insufficient space in my device (if I keep adding more and more replays), I have removed that particular flight from the files. So I will provide the rest of the details in what I remember.

Maybe anyone knows any alternative solution to achieve a low sensitivity, minor and small control inputs settings?

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I can only recommend to contact support with the A/P issue as it should be unrelated to the control sensitivity settings. Good luck!

Also you can just try to reduce your inputs to achieve those minor adjustments with (rather) high sensitivity settings.

Although the 747 hasn’t been reworked in years, from what I can find, there are no known problems with it’s autopilot, and I highly doubt that the problem was caused by the hand-flying controls (as long as you have vertical speed engaged for the autopilot). I just have one more question: Do you happen to know your speed and weight when this happened?

@JulianB Yes, if needed I will change this topic to the support section. Thanks for your advice!

@Bryce_D I might demonstrate it again shortly and see if I am able to recreate the situation

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You can try changing the control settings. If this doesn’t work then you just need a lot more practice to perfect your skills and technique.

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If I put sensitivity controls aside, what controls do you guys prefer using? Do you guys use stock default settings or do you guys adjust it?

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