Flight controllers that work with Ipad


Using infinite flight with the Ipad is difficult to control the plane (ascending / descending; turning right / left). Are there any controllers that are compatible with the Ipad that i can use for better control?


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There are however the iPad is far more precise and intuitive in my opinion. You can directly plug joysticks into certain iPads though especially using a USB to Type C dongle

You can use your iPhone as a yoke/joystick with Fly-by-Wire.


Would a Thrust master A320 set up work I was looking at buying one when I get an Ipad and I think they are Bluetooth so i won’t have to mess with cable correct me if I am wrong

You could also use a PS4 controller to fly, controls can be a bit sensitive but it does work.

You can follow these instructions on how to set it up:

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