Flight controller

Is there a way to report a atc controller that is spaming me just to bother me?

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What server is this on and by spamming what do you mean?

Could you send a screenshot perhaps.

I’m in training server and by spaming i mean that he’s just giving me random orders like clear to land or contact ground when off the runway and sending me like millions of messages telling me to contact jfk towe. I’m flying from Kewr to Wsss

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You can’t report someone in those circumstance where in they are not sending the correct instructions as they could just be inexperienced. If they are spamming though then I would suggest contacting a mod and seeing if they can help at all. It is a regular occurrence though sadly on that server

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Fortunately he stoped, thanks so much, there should be a way to report them when all they want is to bother you. Thanks a lot!


That’d be hard to implement and may be abused. In Training server, mistakes are more common and you can’t really tell if it’s deliberate or an accident.

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