Flight control issues

I have a problem. This occurs sometimes and i dont know why.
When i have filed my flightplan, pushed back and im testing my flight controls. I tilt my phone back to the max but nothing is happening. Same thing with trying to use the ailerons. The worst thing about that problem is that i sometimes forget to check my controls, then i have ATC clearance to takeoff, i line up with the runway but my controls dont work. Then i aborted takeoff, go to the settings to check but, there it seems to be alright. I have now found out that i have to restart my phone to bring the controls back, but that isnt the right solution i think.
If anyone can help, that would be nice!

Device: Iphone 12 mini
Operating system: iOS 16.5.1


This is unfortunately a problem that’s out of our control.
We’ve looked at this before, but the problem is that it seems like the issue boils down the either iOS or the API in iOS that allows us to use the accelerometer. It simply stops working. The app isn’t getting anything from it, until the device is restarted.

That’s why for example an app restart isn’t sufficient when this happens.
Truly wish we could do more but we’re limited on this one…


Ohh ok well thats sad, but i think i will have to just live with that and restart if it happens. Thanks for helping though!

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@schyllberg I’m facing a sensitivity issue when using a joystick with a third party app on the latest iOS version. The pitch sensitivity is high which make the aircraft pitches up and down violently with minimal input although sensitivity settings set to low. Roll sometimes have the same issue but it’s more obvious with pitch axis

Please create a separate topic about your issue with the necessary details, since this topic is not related the issue you are experiencing.