Flight control issues

Hello i can’t seem to take off
The yoke just seems to freeze, i calibrated it, disabled autopilot, uninstalled and installed the app but the problem still persists, i can’t rotate for take off, the aircraft will keep accelerating if i pull my phone to rotate nothing will happen, i don’t know why…any way out?

Hello, Maybe go to your Axis Controls in settings and make sure the orange lines are moving.


Open Infinite Flight

Press setting on the lower left-hand side of the screen

Press Controls on the bottom

And you should see KEY/AXIS, make sure those lines are moving and tinker with the settings there and see if that fixes it.

I restored it to default settings but its still not working


What kind of device are you using?
Generally, a device restart solves issues like this. So if you haven’t tried that yet, try turning your device off entirely and restart.


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