Flight Control Issues

Hello Community,

So, for a long time now, I have had some problems with my flight controls. It is delaying any imput I make and making influid and jumpy. I have pasted an unlisted youtube video link below.

The first time I spawn in after a reboot, it works fine. But as soon as I end that flight, it goes all weird and I have to reboot again. I have tried simply killing and reopening the app. Any have any ideas?

Are you talking about the time it takes for the actual yoke to get into the position you are asking it to do? Or are you actually talking about inputs you are giving your device to do and your aircraft delaying the response time for that input?

I am talking about the virtual yoke yes. So, in flight, if I move my device to bank right gently, it will not do anything for a second or so, then it will yank to the right to catch up with itself.

I am on an iPad, running the latest iOS and IF. I don’t think it is the iPad because it works fine with other apps.

How is your actual stability of your flight? For example is it glitchy? If it’s a little glitchy or slow it’s understandable that you may experience a delay in your inputs.

No, it doesn’t seem glitchey, the only issue I can see is the control probelm.

Just to be clear, apologies if I’ve missed anything explained prior:

So the problem is with the cockpit yoke animation catching up late but not with the actual plane movement itself? If so, which plane are you using or does it happen with all planes you tried?

It happens in all planes. And no, the aircraft is unstable and imposdible to control. Also, the problem annoyingly has changed. Right, ok, now it’s completely broken. Now, I have no elevator control. When I look in settings, I do have the pitch and roll both set to an axis. But, when I pitch down, it rolls left, when I pitch up, it rolls right. When I roll left, it rolls left, when I roll right, it rolls right. I haven’t experienced that before and have rebooted many times with both these issues. It looks like when it isn’t the first issue I described, it is the second one and vise versa.

Sorry, I can’t even describe the problem any more. It does something else after every reboot and app kill.

Try reinstalling your app. This will put the controls back into default.

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Ah thank you When you said “default” I remembered about the “reset defaults” button in settings. Thank you so much, I was starting to wrry then!

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