Flight Control Issue

I have noticed that with some planes and one in particular, the CRJ-200, I have absolutely no ability to control the plane without engaging the autopilot. If I try to hand fly the plane floats or falls out of the sky. This means landing is impossible. At times the plane will present a nose down attitude and float through the sky before eventually crashing. The 717-200 is the same but not as bad. Does this happen to anyone else.

These are older flight models. Are you having any trouble with the new flight models (A318-A321)?

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I don’t have such a problem with the mentioned aircraft.

I have no problem with any of these aircraft

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The crj is pretty difficult to fly but the 717 is not hard to fly.

I just did a great flight in a 717. Not one problem.


You probably had your sensitivity set too high, or you didn’t calibrate properly. Check these settings again to see if it is any better.

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I’ve mastered the CRJ-200. To me its easy.

No, only with the planes that have been on IF for a long time. I don’t fly the CRJ2 or 717 because I’m not able to land them.

With mine there are times that I can move my device around and nothing happens with the CRJ2.

Yep, the 717 is a very hard aircraft to land. And also has engines on steroids.