Flight control Check

Good day. Every time I spawn using the 777-200ER my flight controls are fine for pushback but by the time I get to my runway my elevators and ailerons stop working and only my rudder works

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Hello! Go into settings and maybe try to adjust the sensitivity.

I keep my settings to very sensitive at all times

Didn’t try that yet guess I’ll have no choice

Are you using any third party devices- joysticks etc?
If not, try going here- settings-> controls-> and restore defaults

Just reinstalled let’s see what happens when I spawn… control settings set to default. No third party products

Just waiting for the planes ✈️ to download

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This happened to me not so long ago while flying over Seattle, you must reset your control settings. Just go to the “Controls” settings and push over “Roll” > “Reset”, do the same with “Pitch”, “Yaw” and “Throttle” and it should be solved.

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So far so good topic can be closed thank everyone for all assistance good day


Not so fast still happening

I reinstalled then default for controls and nothing

I’m spawned at JFK right now… when I spawned they were fine now nothing but rudder and I haven’t even pushed back yet

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Try to do what I told you a few messages above, it worked for me, should do for you…

I did still a no go I can’t even push back because I have no left or right capability nor up or down to get me in the air

It’s that aircraft I think I’m trying another aircraft now

I do not know what to tell you. You should contact a staff member to see what is going on there. In my opinion it’s something either on your IF archives or your device… good luck with it.

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Thanks I think it’s the aircraft I’m testing the 787-9 now

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It seems it’s only my 777-200ER giving the issue…I can spawn in and they are fine for a few by the time I do my flight plan and am ready to pushback they stop working or by he time I get to the runway…no issue with any other aircraft

I think it might be my device because the controls just freeze even in the settings section

Check to make sure autopilot is disengaged.