Flight Control Check Feature

Hello everyone I am back again with yet another idea. So as you may notice once an aircraft pushes back, turns engines on and complete it’s checks one of those checks are the “Flight control checks”. When the flaps and slats are in position they check the yoke by moving in forwards and backwards which brings the elevators up. But one thing IF does not have is when you move the yoke left and right the spoilers along with the ailerons come up too I think this would be a cool feature and it would look realistic when going through final checks before taxi. I have left a video below of what I am talking about.

Ps. I do apologize if this is a duplicate.

You can manually do that by putting flight spoilers up on the ground. It may not go as high, but it’s as close as you will get. If you want the most realism do the spoilers and flight controls at the same time (like the video).


Um? You can check your flight controls. By turning your device. Moving the rudder pedal. Putting the spoilers to armed. And flaps down

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Ik that but it can be awkward to do what I am talking about above. By tilting the device and arming the spoilers at the same time.

Just doesn’t seem like a feature worth adding, as we can already check flight controls:)


Ah, I see what you mean. So you’re saying like one button that does all flight control tests at the same time? I mean that’s not even remotely what happens in real life, pilots still have to manually move everything. Plus we can already do it, just not the exact way you’re describing.

Not even a button. When you tilt your device the spoilers will come up a long with the ailerons

Sounds unnecessary since such feature already exists but in a different way. It’s not a needed feature at all, sorry.

Plus, it’s not realistic.

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Yes but I’m trying to say to fix it to this way

There was a bug (that has been fixed) where on Android the device would not register movements. I would not figure it out until I was trying to take off. Since then I have a habit of pushing back and then using the external camera to do a control check.

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Yep I do the same thing aswell.

I agree. The devs should couple the ailerons with the spoilers. Not sure why they didn’t add that feature. I support this!

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