Flight connect issues

I have a problem Everytime I enable the “Infinite flight connect” on the App it crashes and I need to uninstall Infinite flight, and its sad because I really want to use third part apps to make my flight more real, such as inflight assistance, and infinite flight passengers, and also when my joystick is connected I’m not able to arm APPR mode because the plane is so unstable, and I can’t set an altitude because it doesn’t maintain the altitude so I have to control it only on “VS” Button but when I disconnect the Joystick I can set an altitude and make and autoland without problem… Is there a bug on the app ? I don’t know, just asking… BTW the joystick is a Logitech 3D pro.

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I use the same joystick sometimes and I’ve never had any issues with init myself. I’m sorry but I have no idea how to help you but I’m sure someone higher up would have a better understanding of this issue.

Try leaving the device you are using and the version of the software which you are currently running your device on.

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When exactly does IF crash?
Immediately after checking the option, when you start a flight, or at another moment?

Right after checking the option, and I try to open again and doesn’t load, so I need to uninstall the app

That doesn’t sound good.
Why would enabling the API make the app crash? 🤔

Which device are you using?

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