Flight connect has stopped working

I would like to know if the application is undergoing updating and if someone has the same problem. All the minimum requirements to work are correct. Within 50 minutes, I was using the program normally.

Hello, could you explain what the issue is in more detail and with screenshots possibly so we can assist you?

Yes of course! Thanks for listening. It happens when I click the LFC icon it appears in the image below. I click OK and he says the program has stopped. I did a check list from my pc. Internet is private, the option in the LF application is selected. I do not know what happens.

Ah! Just uninstall and reinstall. This usually is due to corrupt files. Were you flying the CRJ or MD/DCs by any chance?

@Cbro4 Thank you. I got it! I closed the ipad and switched on again and came back normal. Sorted out!! Thanks for listening!