Flight Cast YouTube channel is down.

Hello IF Community, yesterday I listened to the last episode of Fligh Cast in their youtube channel. Today I searched it in YouTube and opened the link from the Flight Cast website but I didnt manage to find anything.

Jason already announced it in his latest Flight Cast episode topic. Check why there. He explains everything

@Nick_Catalano could you just explain me please, does Jason stopped podcast ?

But I have a propblem listening to it from my device through the site.

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The F cast youtube channel has been taken down by youtube in error as it was in breach of the rules (or something to that effect). Jason is working on it.


Where do I listen the episode 25

I hope to hear from Jason soon :'( This needs to be fixed

Podcast app or at flightcast.audio

Also YouTube has denied Jason’s request to reactivate the account(Source: Flightcast Facebook page)

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