Flight cancelled and plane deboard after a passenger accused the pilot of being drunk

A flight at Fort Smith regional was pulled back into the gate after a pilot was accused by a passenger for being drunk. Now weather the pilot was or wasn’t is still TBD. Read for yourselves and discuss below.


Interesting and concerning

This reminds me of Garuda Indonesia’s low cost carrier incident with the drunk pilot. Shame…


Correction, it’s their Low Cost subsidiary 😉 (Like Qantas and Jetstar). Not their domestic subsidiary as domestic market is the biggest market for GIA 😊

I think airlines now should be more strict in order to stop these kind of incidents. It’s getting annoying and dangerous for passengers if these incidents keeps happening if it was true that the pilot was drunk


According to the article, thats protocol whenever a passenger accuses a pilot of being drunk the flight is cancelled. That’s pretty crazy tbh, like someone could just say that if they don’t feel like flying


It says he “passed the test with flying colours.”


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