Flight Cameras Unable to Pan

Since this last update with the 757 about half the time I fly (any aircraft) the cameras get stuck to where they can only zoom in and out. They are unable to pan up and down or left and right.

I looked around through the community and see that this was brought up before for the hot fix but wasn’t sure if it has been added to the list for the update. Is there an area where I can find outstanding updates and what they include? Like a tracker?


Make sure you’re not locked onto another aircraft, see if double clicking your screen works.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried that and everything else I know. Its happened over the last 3 days or so.

Do you know if there is a central point to where one can go to see all the known or current issues they are resolving?

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Is this for every camera or just the free cams?

I believe it all the cameras you normally can pan with.

I made sure I wasn’t on another aircraft and also tried just double clicking ie centering. Doesn’t help

Hey, I dont have the best device and the same will happen to me some times. the best solution I do is click pause and go into the game settings and go back out. For some reason that usually resets it. Also if Im on the ground i will press the home button to exit the app and go back in but not quitting the flight. But be careful if you try that as sometimes it can crash.

Maybe press pause then resume it should work

Maybe send a video with show touches on?

Thanks. I will try that

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Is this right when you are spawning in?

Usually happens during the flight

I have actually had this experience with the normal camera. What I normally do is I just switch to locked cam, that usually fixes the problem or helps it for me.

Ok thank you all. That’s one out of two questions

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