Flight Callsigns

Hey IFC, throughout the entirety that I have been playing, I always use real life callsigns. An example could be like how Heathrow to JFK is BA117, or others, depending on the time you do the flight.

However, with the new virus, it’s hard to find ways of seeing what callsigns are for certain flights because googleflights doesn’t let me see them, as “flights are restricted to this place”.

I just wanted to ask if anyone knew a place where I could like type in a flight and see the callsign. I already know that flightradar24.com can show the flight if you type the callsign, but I wanted to know the callsign if I type in the flight, like what it the callsign when flying from Frankfurt to Newark, etc.

Thanks a lot IFC!

Hey mate,
https://flightaware.com/ should be the perfect website for you! Not sure if it still has cancelled flights with COVID-19 but you can type in departure and destination and get callsigns!
Hope this helps!

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Flightaware.com will show the flight numbers even if the flight has been cancelled

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On the FR24 APP you can type in the route and it will bring up every call sign for every airline who fly that route.


I am like @Ethan_Hansen and use FR24 Pro App.


Alright thanks everyone! Some flights I still can’t get, such as Heathrow to Innsbruck, unless it doesn’t exist in real life, but I tried others and found a lot of results on both sites.

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No problem, glad to help 👍🏻

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