Flight Binder Setup?

I am creating a flight binder for myself and was wandering what I should add to it so I thought I would ask everyone here. I am already planning to add FAA airport diagrams, flight plans to common airports, and specifications to my aircraft. Is their anything else I should add? Maybe a few sheets of scratch paper? Also where would I find specifications to my aircraft such as V1, V2, Vr, takeoff speeds, takeoff length, etc? (I usually fly a 787 -10 or 9)


I just made a topic in this too but more asking WHAT a binder is rather than what should I put in it. One person did answer it and said all of what you have but they also said they would record the weather and winds.

I saw that! I was actually referencing it while I wrote this; it was really useful! I wrote as much as I did to make sure people would not suggest things I already planned to add.

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I don’t want to mention my topic to gain popularity or advertise the topic, but the comments were really helpful to me in this and I really think they could help you as well! One guy even put an empty spreadsheet that I might try tomorrow for fun 😃

Hope this helps:


It’s all relative to weight. Maybe keep a calculator and a pencil in there to scribble V speeds down for different weights.

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With some minor tweaking these topics could be merged by a moderator. Anywho, good luck putting your binders together and thanks for sharing with the community 😉

Sounds like a job for Fore Flight :P

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this should be helpful :).


I am planning to start using a binder when global releases, and it will contain:

  • Parking and ground chart of both airports

  • SID and STAR + IAP for airports

  • Simbrief briefing (6-7 pages long)

  • Paper for noting stuff down

  • V speeds


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