Flight between TFFF and Paris via TNCM

Hello ! Being new to IFC I told myself that I could therefore share with you some photos of the flight I made today between Martinique and Paris Charles de Gaulle while passing through Princess Juliana airport in 777-300ER from Air France

So we take off from runway 10 of the new 3d airport of 21.3 which is Martinique Aime Cesaire ( TFFF ) Intl airport for a short flight of 1h34 towards Princess Juliana ( TNCM )
The plane will then embark passengers arriving there to leave for Paris Charles de Gaulles ( LFPG )

It is then 05:05 in Martinique and 09:05 in Time ZULU and the plane takes off without passengers for Princess Juliana

Cruising altitude reached ( FL240 ) over the Antilles islands

The day begins to rise in Princess Juliana and the plane is on final runway 10 with a lot of traffic today on TNCM

1 hour after loading the passengers, the refueling and the freight loading the plane is ready to take off again this time towards LFPG !

Above the Atlantic, a lot of crossing takes place due to a large number of planes joining TNCM from Europe or more precisely Amsterdam (EHAM) or Paris (LFPG)

Same thing on the approach to Paris with a lot of planes

It is 9 p.m. in Paris and the plane is therefore arriving at the end of the flight.
Landing runway 26L

It is around 10:30 pm the sun is setting quietly and the plane is already ready to return to the Antilles! This time, no return to Martnique, it will be a return to Princess Juliana ( TNCM )

First time doing this, if you have any advice or feedback, do not hesitate !
Sorry for my English which is not perfect !


Great job at your screenshots and welcome to the community!


Very cool!!

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Thanks to you !



This is your first post on the IFC??

For first time these are beautiful! Keep it up I definitely look forward to more S&V topics from you!

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Amazing start seeing that this is your first post AND you’re new!

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It’s very nice thank you !
Yes first time, I had never been interested in IFC before, but I think I missed something in the end!