Flight basically stopped

I was doing a flight from PHNL-YSSY. I started at 3am expecting to land after covering roughly 4500 miles at anywhere between 12-1:30pm. I just got up 20 mins ago which was 11am and i saw that there was a software update pop up on the phone and after i clicked ‘later’ i saw that the plane was around 3800 miles away and had an ETE of around 7 hours after i flew for 8 hours (a flight from hawaii to sydney is around 10 hours.) I wasnt gonna make a topic so i cleared the replay but now its bothering me and i would love an explanation cause this is really irritating

Some pop up messages pause the game until you dismiss them.
I experienced that on iOS several times now that system update pop up messages pause the game until I dismiss them.

thats kinda weird as its an ONLINE sim… so if someone was to fly past me would they just see me like uh …hovering?

I believe you would be disconnected from the server for the time of the pause.

Some things such as full/partial screen system notifications or turning off your device in session can pause your gameplay however temporarily disconnected you from the server. This cannot be changed by Infinite Flight as the device software halts all apps being used (as the system is the host of the activity on the device)

Another player wouldn’t be able to see you to my knowledge

well this answers my question although thats still a bit annoying but thank you


My phone will pause IF for any system message.

Also if I ask Google something from my home nest the phone will also pause 🤔

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